A substantial proportion of the clients we see ordinarily in clinic already work from home, as we have been seeing changing work practices over the past few years with progressive technology and employer views on flexible working.

However with the current worldwide health issue, employees have had to rapidly diversify and set up their work-space at home. Fabulous for continuing with productivity from a business perspective, but this, combined with our current decreased capacity or opportunity to move could lead to the onset of a few minor niggles, in the spine or the arms. 

So here is an infographic with a few pointers on how we can ensure that we are working in the best position possible, as opposed to slouching on the sofa reaching for that packet of mini eggs! 


  1. Ideally work on a surface that is lower than your forearms when your elbows are relaxed by your side. Elbows should be under your shoulders, forearms parallel to the work surface.
  2. Feet should be supported flat on the floor
  3. Sit on a chair that is comfortable, and make use of the back rest rather than sitting forwards!
  4. The keyboard should be placed a few inches back from the edge of the work-surface
  5. If you are working off a laptop, if you can source a separate keyboard, and a laptop riser, that would be beneficial in order to have the screen at a height which is level
  6. Try and stop and take a break every 20-30 minutes to change position, change your visual field (ie look across the room or out of the window versus looking at your screen), stand-up sit down, straighten your knees out, stretch your arms up above your head, you get the idea…..MOVE!

From years of carrying out workplace assessments, the picture I am often presented with when I transition with the client to their work space from the clinic, can be very different to how they envision their work-station set-up is and have told me it is! So, you can always take a picture of yourself side view on and assess your own posture when you are seated at your desk.

Equally, at this time, don’t beat yourself up either literally or figuratively if all you are managing to do is a couple of snatched minutes here and there. Many of us are juggling looking after children, trying to work, trying to hold everything together, worrying about your business, making meals for other family members, or making sure elderly relatives are managing ok. We are all doing the best we can right now, but hopefully a few snippets of information and advice here and there will help one of you reading this. 

If you need any more assistance or advice please feel free to call and speak to our Practice Manager, who can then direct you to speak to one of our physiotherapy team or set up a video consultation to see how we can work together to improve the issues you are having.