Ossur Knee Braces

Kendal Physio and well-being centre are one of a small number of specialist clinics located throughout the UK that are trained to fit Unloader One X® and CTi® knee brace products.  

Össur work closely with their clinical partners to ensure products are fitted correctly and give you the support and protection you need in a knee brace, whether you are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee or wish to protect your knee ligaments on the ski slope. 

CTi Knee Brace

The CTI brace provides protection to the major ligaments that help stabilise the knee (lateral collateral, medial collateral and anterior cruciate ligament). It can be used to help prevent re-injury after a knee injury and or surgery.

The CTI’s frame is a solid carbon frame which allows it to provide extremely strong support whilst also allowing the brace to stay very light.

The CTI has liners which are breathable and coated with Sensil® silicone which will keep the brace in the proper position.

It is available in an off the shelf or custom made version.

Unloader One X

The Unloader One X is a proven effective way to relieve pain form uni-compartmental knee OA or degenerative meniscal tears. It works via a 3-point leverage system which helps to increase the joint space in the affected knee compartment.

The brace is light, comfortable and easy to apply and can be cleaned in the washing machine. The rachet mechanism that helps to control the level of offloading and pain relief the brace provides can be used through clothing meaning there is no need to undress to adjust it.

Indications for Use

Mild to moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis 

Unicompartimental knee conditions that require load reduction to affected compartment, such as degenerative meniscal tears 

Ideal for normal daily activities and low to moderate intensity sports and hobbies 

Features & Benefits

 3-Point Leverage System provides clinically relevant pain relief of affected compartment  

Single SmartDosing dial allows fine-tuned pain management 

Discreet hinge and sleeve design ensure a snug fit underneath clothing 

Lightweight and easy to use 


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