Physio-led Pilates

Fed up with the same activities causing you pain? Do you wish you had more confidence in your body and how you move? Come along and join the hundreds of people like you that have benefited from our physio led, small group Pilates classes.

Feel safe exercising in our small group classes under the guidance of our injury experts

Move more freely, feel stronger and in control of your body.

Take some time for yourself and help calm your mind

All of our instructors at Kendal Physio are chartered Physiotherapists who have trained with APPI (The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates institute). APPI have taken the original matwork exercises, and modified them to be more suitable for the people with different musculoskeletal problems.

We like to ensure each person attending our classes has a high level of coaching and support to ensure they maintain a good technique whilst performing the exercises. This is why we only allow small class sizes of between 8-10 people so no one gets forgotten at the back at the back of the class.

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Who It Can Help

Pilates can help to:

  • Rehabilitate or prevent injuries related to muscle imbalances
  • Manage stress and promote relaxation
  • Improve your balance and flexibility
  • Safely rehabilitate joint and spinal injuries

Class Times


This class is for people who

Have attended a masterclass session with Kendal Physio and are new to Pilates with no prior experience.

Are recently recovered from an injury to their back, neck, shoulder or knee.

Want the reassurance of having a back pain expert leading the class.

Note: The ability to get on and off the mat is required (a chair can be provided to assist).

Monday – 5.25pm
Tuesday – 5.20pm & 7.30pm
Wednesday 6.45pm
Thursday – 4pm


This class is for people who

Have completed the masterclass if new to Pilates

Ready to add small Pilates equipment to their workouts

Monday – 6.30pm
Wednesday 9am
Wednesday 10.15am


This class is for people who

Have previous experience of Pilates and can adapt to work at their own level

Thursday 10am

Tuesday 6.25pm


This class is for people who are over 12 weeks into their pregnancy.

Class involves breathing exercises, gentle stretching, strengthening and relaxation techniques.

Wednesday – 5.30pm

Mum & Baby

This class is for people who are 6 weeks after a vaginal birth or 8 weeks Caesarean.

This class is about getting mummy moving and breathing with a special focus on improving the connection and strength between your core and pelvic floor, to help reduce lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain.

Mum & Baby
Monday 10.45am

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