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An initial assessment will last approximately 60 minutes and is charged at £69.
Follow-up treatments are approximately 40 minutes and priced at £59.
Save money by paying up-front:
Multi-session treatment packages are available offering a saving, please ask at reception or download our full price list.

Charges apply for either face to face or online consultations.
We accept cash or card payments.

Supplies are charged in addition to your consultation charge and payment is due at the time of provision of such supplies. Where an item has to be ordered for you, we will charge a £2 handling fee to cover our costs on top of the cost price of the item plus postage and VAT.

Where an invoice is raised we require payment within 30 days.

Our Clinic is located at 80 Kirkland, Kendal, LA9 5AP, opposite the Kendal Parish Church car park. When you come into town over the bridge and enter the one way system we are on the left hand side and the church is on your right.

Follow this link for Google maps and directions

On arrival at our clinic you will be greeted by one of our receptionists Lisa Bethom, Kayleigh  Knellar or Tracey Cragg. They are there to help you, please feel free to ask them any questions you may have about your appointment.

We have 3 parking spaces at the rear of the building that are for customer use, however we would ask that these are prioritised for patients with mobility problems that would be unable to manage the short walk from the nearest pay and display car parks.

Main 2 pay and display car parks are:

Parish church car park
1 min walk approx 40yds
£1.40 per hour
disabled parking bays available
Free parking after 6pm

Abbot hall car park
2min walk 0.1 miles
£1.40 for up to 1 hour
Disabled parking bays available
Free parking after 6pm

There is on street parking on the Kirkbarrow estate that sits behind Kirkland but you have to navigate the narrow kirkbarrow lane and then walk back towards Nether bridge along Kirkland.

Our reception is staffed 8.30am to 8pm Monday – Thursday, 8.30am to 5pm Friday. If you need to contact us outside of these times you can call and leave a message on the answerphone or e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you need to change your appointment as soon as possible by ringing us on 01539 725220. If you don’t attend your treatment sessions as recommended by your physiotherapist in your treatment plan you are less likely to achieve your desired outcome. Our clinic is very busy and we have a list of clients who are desperate for an appointment. If you don’t provide us with at least 24hrs notice that you are unable to attend your appointment it means our clients on the waiting list have to wait longer. We understand that there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances which cause you to miss your appointment and we will make every effort to be sympathetic.

However we do operate a cancellation policy whereby failure to give 24 hours notice of cancellation may result in a £30 charge and would ask that you bear this in mind if you have to cancel at the last minute.

Your consultation time may vary, with the normal allocation being 40 minutes. However, this may be longer for your initial assessment or shorter where your follow up does not require as much time. Please note that the consultation charge is neither increased where more time is required nor decreased in the event of a shorter consultation.

We try to ensure that patients are seen at their designated time so please allow enough time to reach the Practice in good time for your appointment. In the event of you being late for your appointment it may be necessary to shorten that appointment or reschedule for another time to avoid further delays. In such instances the full charge for your appointment will still apply.

Whilst we endeavour to run our clinics to time, unfortunately there can occasionally be unexpected delays. We try to keep such delays to a minimum but would appreciate your patience if delays do occur. In the event of you being unable to keep your appointment due to any delay on our part you would not be liable for the cost of that appointment.

Your therapist will come and greet you in reception and take you through to the treatment room. During the initial part of the assessment, they will ask you questions about your problem and how it’s affecting you. This is where we want to hear your story, we try not to interrupt you whilst you’re describing the journey that has brought you here. We also want to find out your expectations of treatment and your therapist will work with you to decide on some mutually agreed outcomes.

Following this your therapist will have a look at how you move and find out what you can and cannot do as well as performing some specific tests to help identify the problem. Sometimes this does involve getting you to do things that reproduce your symptoms in order to find out what’s wrong.

After this the therapist will discuss what they think the problem is, why it has happened and will let you know if they think they are the right person to help you. If they feel that’s not them they will try and direct you to someone who can help. If they think they are the right person to help you they will work with you to formulate a treatment plan that will set out your path to recovery. This will include how many sessions and over what period of time it will take for you to see improvements in your condition.

Once this plan has been agreed your therapist will use various hands-on techniques to help improve your movement, show you exercises to do at home to help maintain any improvements made in clinic and allow you to progress further. You will receive a printed and e-mail copy of your exercise program along with access to online videos of your selected exercises. There is also a free app that you can download onto your smart phone or tablet that once you are logged in will automatically display your selected exercises along with any future changes or updates your therapist prescribes (the Physiotec app can be downloaded via Google play or the App-store).

We have relationships with most of the major health insurance companies which means once you have provided us with your membership number and authorisation code we can invoice your insurance company directly for your treatment. If you have private medical insurance we recommend that you check the details of your policy before you attend for treatment. Some health insurers require you to see your GP/consultant and obtain a referral from them before booking a physiotherapy appointment. We would like to remind you that the ultimate responsibility for payment rests with you, the patient receiving the treatment. If your Insurance Company declines to pay, for whatever reason (e.g. there is an excess to meet, or a maximum limit to your policy, or the required claim forms have not been submitted) you will be liable for such costs and must settle this sum within 30 days.

Please be advised we no longer accept BUPA or Vitality Health.

If you would like to be accompanied during your examination and treatment you are welcome to bring someone with you, or, if arranged in advance, you can ask the Physiotherapist to arrange for a chaperone to be present. Our policy is to insist that all young people under the age of 16 are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Occasionally we may have Physiotherapy students or work experience students in our Clinics. We will always ask for your permission to have them present and if you would prefer not to have them observe your consultation please do let your Physiotherapist know.

All patients are entitled to see the documentation prepared by the physiotherapist. If you wish to do so, please ask your therapist who will be happy to explain any abbreviations or notes.

During your assessment and treatment it is likely that the physiotherapist will need you to undress in order to examine you and identify the cause of you problem. Your therapist will make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment session but please let the therapist know if you do not wish to remove your clothing. We recommend that you bring with you a pair of shorts and for women we recommend a strappy top. If you are attending a running assessment or retraining session you will need to bring you running kit and trainers with you.

If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received in any way, or wish to make a complaint, please do contact Richard Clarke, the Practice Principal, to discuss your concerns. We endeavour to maintain a service of excellence and if we fall short in any way please be assured that we would wish to know in order to improve for the future. If you are in any way dissatisfied with the response that you receive you can contact the Health Professions Council at who are responsible for all matters relating to the practice of Physiotherapy.

Please feel free to ask if you have any other concerns or questions.