Physiotherapy helps people affected by injury, illness or disability through education, hands on manual techniques and exercise therapy.  

During your initial assessment your therapist will listen to your story and ask lots of questions to find out what symptoms your suffering with and how they affect your life. Some of the questions may seem a bit odd such as, asking about your sleep patterns, stress levels and about what you believe/or understand the problem to be. That’s because we know that these factors can have a big effect on your problem in combination with what’s happening within your body. 



From listening to your story your therapist will already have a list of possible causes of your problem, the next step is to perform a physical assessment to test out which of these seem most likely. The physical assessment provides a baseline measurement of your movement patterns, range of movement and muscle strength. 

Following the assessment your therapist will explain your problem in terms that you can understand and will design a treatment plan containing realistic goals based on what you want to achieve. Your treatment plan sets out how long things will take to improve and how often you need to see your therapist to achieve your goals. 


During the session your therapist may also use manual techniques to help reduce and manage your symptoms and provide you with a home exercise program. Your home exercise program is very important as it helps you to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment and allows you to self-manage your symptoms.

You will be able to keep a track of your efforts by downloading the PhysioTec mobile app giving your access to your current plan with videos and additional information.


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At Kendal Physio we feel treatment should be a team effort between you and your therapist, where we coach, educate and guide you on how to improve your health and well-being.


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