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This Runners hour strengthening class is designed to improve the strength and power of the major muscle groups involved in running to help improve your performance and reduce your injury risk.

John has been a competitive fell runner over many years and has a specialist interest in running injuries from a personal and professional perspective and is heavily involved with Helm Hill runners. He also has a diploma in sports therapy.

All equipment will be provided, we recommend wearing your normal running gear and bringing along a towel and water bottle.

Who is it for

If you are new to strength training specifically for running this class will gradually introduce you to which muscles to strengthen, how to strengthen them and how hard to work them.

The class is suitable for runners of all abilities. If you are a more experienced runner but new to strength training the class will be tailored to your needs as much as it is to new runners.

Exercises focus on running muscles rather than upper body/ arms/ shoulders.

No previous strength training or gym experience is necessary.

If you have had a break from running due to injury illness or other reason this class will also help you to get back into your running, improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury.


Classes are run in blocks of 8x sessions

Next Block starts from Thursday 8th February 2024
Cost – £80 for the block

Mixed ability session: Thursday 7-8pm

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