Arjun Tarun MCSP HCPC

Arjun Tarun MCSP HCPC


I received my degree in physiotherapy in 2017 and spent three years working in a multispecialty hospital with 650 beds, where I treated patients with musculoskeletal and sports injuries from India.

In 2021, I relocated to England to pursue my master’s degree in sports and exercise medicine. The effects of the Nordic hamstring curl on football players were the focus of my dissertation.

I use a variety of techniques to treat my patients, including manual therapy, exercise therapy, neurodynamics, muscle imbalance retraining, kinetic control, and more. I am a HCPC, CSP, and FA Level 4 ITMMIF-certified physiotherapist.

I have a special interest in evidence-based, non-surgical management of musculoskeletal conditions and the recognition of these strategies within the physiotherapy profession, as well as inter-professionally and to the general public.