How to ease knee pain without taking painkillers or having to rely on surgery

Lot’s of people think that their knee pain is just a sign of getting old and that it’s just “wear and tear” and that nothing can be done about it. We find a lot of people just think it will go away with time or rest although this is rarely the case. 

When it comes to your knee pain you may have received lots of conflicting advice which can be confusing. Suddenly everyone’s an expert from your friends and family to your next door neighbour.  Everyone has an opinion and it can be difficult to know what and who to believe or who to trust. You may have visited your GP about your knee pain; however their ability to help is often limited to offering stronger and stronger painkillers, advising you to rest or to take time off work. They may have even referred you to see an NHS physio.   

We understand that you may have had bad experiences of physiotherapy in the past and may be skeptical about physiotherapy being able to help with your problem. We often hear that patients feel that no one takes the time to listen and understand their problem. Patient’s often report they feel unable to discuss things with their friends or family as they don’t want to burden them or because they fear they are sounding like a stuck record, always moaning about their knee pain.  


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