hereCoronovirus FAQ’s

Kendal Physio will remain open for face-to-face consultations during the 2nd lockdown starting on 5 November 2020.

Government advice is that you can leave your home for any medical concerns, reasons, appointments and emergencies (click here for full guidance).
Our governing body and the government recognise the current pressures on the NHS and are allowing private/independent healthcare providers to remain open to provide help with injury and rehabilitation.
We have strict Covid secure procedures in place since re-opening for face-to-face consultations back in June and these will remain. Therefore we are confident that we can minimize the risks to the health of our patients and staff. We will be constantly reviewing and updating our procedures based on the most up to date scientific evidence.

How do I make an appointment?

Call our reception team on 01539 725220, email us at enquiries@kendalphysio.co.uk or book online.  In order to control the flow of patients and staff within the clinic we will not be able to offer walk in appointments until further notice. In line with our virtual first policy our reception team will offer you the option of a face-to-face or online appointment and will ask some questions about your problem and about your medical history to help us decide whether or not you are in a higher risk group. Your therapist will review your answers prior to your appointment and may call you to discuss whether an online video consultation or a face to face consultation would be the best option. If a face to face consultation is recommended you will be sent a link to our online Covid-19 screening and consent form that we need you to fill out before your appointment.

What do I need to bring with me?

We are asking patients to bring their own pair of shorts (if the area being treated is your lower limbs or lower back), a towel and any resistance bands that you might already have. This is to help reduce the risk of infection between patients and reduces the amount of linen we have to wash in clinic. We are asking patients to avoid bringing any unnecessary belongings with them to their appointment. We ask that if you are able to please attend the clinic alone. If you need a chaperone or assistance getting to and from the clinic those individuals will also be required to fill out the Covid-19 screening and consent form, undergo temperature checks on entering the building and wear a face covering.

What happens when I arrive at the clinic?

We will be keeping the front door at our town Centre clinic locked but don’t worry we are in. If you press the intercom button this will alert our reception team to your arrival. Our receptionist will ask you the same screening questions that you answered on your form to check that nothing has changed, after which they will open the door for you. On entering reception we ask that you sanitise your hands using the alcohol gel provided. If you arrive at the clinic wearing gloves we will ask you to remove them once you enter (this is because we can’t be sure what your gloves might have come into contact with prior to arriving at the clinic). Our reception staff will also be carrying out temperature checks on all patients with a non-contact infrared thermometer.

Are the procedures the same if my appointment is at Kendal Rugby club?

If your appointment is at Kendal rugby club you will need to go walk around to the main pitch side of the building and wait outside the players tunnel in the middle of the grandstand. When you arrive please phone our reception on 01539 725220 and our reception staff will let your therapist know you have arrived. Your therapist will open the door, check that your answers to our Covid-19 screen have not changed and will perform a temperature check.

Will my therapist be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)?

In line with current Public Health England guidelines your therapist will be wearing a fluid resistant surgical mask (this helps to prevent droplet spread should your therapist cough or sneeze), a single use PVC gown and single use gloves. Visors and goggles are not required as your treatment will not involve any aerosol generating procedures. In addition to this all our staff will undergo our Covid-19 screening process and have a temperature check at the start of their shift. All staff will be following a strict hand washing and sanitizing protocol.

Will I have to wear a mask?

We are asking all patients to wear a face covering that cover your mouth and nose, this could be a scarf or a mask. If you don’t have one or forget yours, disposable surgical masks are available at reception for £1. Asking patients to wear a face covering helps to minimise the risk of droplet spread and keeps our staff safe in case you are an asymptomatic carrier of the virus.

Will I come into contact with other patients in reception?

We are staggering our appointment times to help ensure that only 1 patient is in reception at any one time to help maintain social distancing wherever possible. We are asking patients to arrive on time for their appointment but not early to help reduce the risk of patients crossing over in reception. If you do arrive early you may be asked to wait outside under our new gazeebo.

Will I be able to use the toilet facilities?

Until further notice we are closing our toilet facilities for patients to help minimise the risk of infection and reduce the number of areas needing cleaning between patients. Please remember to use your facilities at home before setting off for your appointment.

How can I pay for my treatment session?

Until further notice we will only be accepting electronic payment either by chip and pin card or BACS transfer. The card machine will be wiped down with an alcohol swab in-between each use.

 What else are you doing to minimise the risk of infection?

We are allowing 15 minutes between patients to thoroughly clean any surfaces  a patient may have come into contact with and to open all windows and doors to help ventilate the room.