“I just start off running slower for a bit”
“I do some static stretches for my legs then I’m off”
Sound like you?

Both are common responses I get when I ask runners what they do to warm up before heading out for a run. However not warming up before a run can increase your risk of suffering a muscle strain and static stretching has been shown to be unsuccessful at reducing injury risk. In addition some studies have shown it reduces your muscles ability to produce force. Not ideal if you are heading out for a run.

Lisa our practice manager at Kendal Physio Centre gave the same response when we analysed her running in one of our RunFit sessions following her recent knee injury (listen to Lisa’s story by clicking here).

If this sounds like you, then check out this dynamic running specific warm up.
(P.S my 3 year old daughter Isabelle calls it Daddy’s funny dance when she watches)

The lunge matrix (Click here to see video)
5 variations of a lunge, try 5 times on each leg, start off with baby lunges and increase the depth or add in arm movements to increase the difficulty.

 Here is a useful article about hamstring injuries in runners that contains some helpful stretching and strengthening exercises (Click here to read the article)

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